Investment Partner / Principal

What you will do as part of our team:
  • Develop strong investment theses on markets and companies with fund returning characteristics
  • Find and build relationships with the most ambitious founders and key players in these areas
  • Develop and communicate strong investment conviction and be able to secure and execute the best possible investments
  • Demonstrate empathy and try to offer the insights which play a pivotal role in supporting companies on their journey from seed to an excellent Series A
  • Take ownership for key operational projects which improve the management of our founders’ community
  • Have exposure and make key contributions to all aspects of portfolio and fund operations
  • Contribute to building impactful local technology and innovation ecosystems in Camden, London, the UK and beyond - we take our social commitment seriously
  • Inspire and lead your team from within - we are all in charge of fostering a culture of learning, collaboration and ownership
What you can expect from your new teammates:
  • Passion and enthusiasm for finding and supporting the founders who can surf the biggest waves changing the world that we live in today
  • Strong conviction that London and other emerging hubs can support these founders in creating world-class technology companies
  • Relevant insight and expertise from time spent working at iconic technology companies, fast-growing startups, leading early stage investors or other equivalent experience
  • Availability - to team, customers, stakeholders - and most of all to family
We try and maintain a strong and open culture. These are some of the key behaviours we look for:
  • We are comfortable taking risks - not just in backing founders capable of making outsized returns but in the markets we invest in and the way we operate our business
  • We play total football - which means we want team players who can recognise, value and add to the different, critical skills and contributions of every member of our team
  • We like to behave and think like entrepreneurs - to help founders build world-class businesses, we need team members who don’t just make investments, they show they want to build the best possible business to support those investments
  • We like to take leadership positions - we look for people able to show passion, conviction, empathy and are able to communicate clearly
  • We never forget we are the support team - to founders, to our colleagues and the ecosystem where we work and invest
Sound good? Apply below: